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Every time I start to change the website I get a new update and something changes. As of 3-19 most Roadrunner events are moving to a date after May 1. Please check your email for updates. If you want on the email list please email me at OAAdvisor.cooper@gmail.com and I’ll get you added to the list.


The Longhorn Council cares deeply about the health and safety of all our Scouts and every member of their families. Based on guidance from our public health leaders, the Council is updating our calendars and recommendations to units.

Through the end of April all district and council events and camporees, trainings, meetings and weekend camping are cancelled or postponed, with the exception of meetings that can be conducted electronically by conference call or online meeting or other means following accepted public health guidelines.

Also, through April 30, units should postpone or cancel all in-person meetings that will not follow the CDC guidelines for social distancing or cannot be held remotely using technology. While this public health measure presents challenges, Scouting can continue. Advancement can still happen. Small den or patrol meetings might be possible (in person or via remote communication). We all have to be creative.



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Camping, hiking, building projects, and community service. Scouting fosters self-esteem, a sense of value and belonging, a sense of accountability, and teamwork.

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The program builds boys mentally, physically, socially, and spiritually. The skills they learn in Scouting help them overcome obstacles and challenges with courage and character throughout their lives.
Give your son a valuable gift by encouraging him to join Boy Scouting today. The time you invest in him today will make a difference in the person he becomes tomorrow.
Scouting is provided locally in neighborhoods across the country through churches, community organizations, or other groups of interested citizens.

Please see the Advancement Page for important information on heroism awards.

2020 Duty To God Pilgrimage


Our 2020 Duty To God Pilgrimage goal is to give every Scout the ability to earn 4 International Awards or Medals, 1 International Activity patch, and the religious award of their denomination.

Here are the Program Awards/Medals:

International Spirit Award Messenger of Peace

Catholic International Award Medal St Paul Miki Activity Patch (BSA/Japan)

Scouter Religious Knot (Adults)

The Religious Award of your Denomination

Philmont Pray Patch (Optional)

We will accomplish this by conducting 125% program.

How? We Don’t Camp And We Don’t Cook.

Since our goal is 125% program, we have arranged to stay in buildings in New Mexico and we have our 3 Amigos Adult Cooks (with 1 Quartermaster from each patrol) who facilitate meals. What this does is maximize our ability to offer program, see more local sites, and give your Scout a chance to earn all the Program Awards/Medals he wishes.

We have already conducted this program 5 times and have been given a 90% Excellent/Good rating by our participants when they have filled out our Exit Surveys on the last day of each trip. In fact, the National BSA Religious Committee bestowed the 2008 “Award of Excellence” for our first trip in 2007.

Scouts from Austin, Abilene, Dallas, Tokyo (Japan), Muenster, Waco and all around the DFW area have traveled with us. At this very moment, Scouts of Japan are going through a selection process hoping they will be the ones to join us. In addition, we have had Scouts/Scouters from California, Ohio, Louisianna and Baltimore inquire about our trip. The reason we get emails and phone calls is because no one else does this program. Our largest group to travel to New Mexico, during 2014, completed 91 International Awards/Medals … which was greater than the entire rest of the US added together !!!

However, we only have 50 total seats for Scouts on the Bus, we have just started taking applications and we are already down to only 43 seats available. Mail an application and a check for $ 50 to confirm your Scouts seat (Total Fee is $ 280 – Scholarships Available).

For Scouters, we’ve had as many as 21 Scouters go with us and have benefited from our program. Go for the International Scouter Knot!

Please take a look at the accompanying flyer, consider the opportunity, reply with any questions and join us for our award winning Duty To God Pilgrimage!!


Duty_To_God_Pilgrimage 11062019