Nick Silvas Eagle project

On April 9th Scouts from Troop 333,
Adults and family members came together
to work on an Eagle Project that
would benefit a women’s shelter –I CanStill Shine. The Eagle Project, the idea of  Nick Silvas a scout from Troop 333, was to
repair the shelter’s fence on the back half of the property and had taken months to plan and get approved. The work started at 9am
and took a full day of work to complete. The scouts had to clear out vegetation and remove old fencing before the new fence could be installed. Once the old fence was removed the scouts started putting in the fence poles and erecting the new fence. The younger scouts from Troop 333 got to see and experience what it takes to
complete an Eagle Project. Many special thanks go to Eric and Heather Moser andPat Dickerson for their support and help in
getting this worthwhile project done.

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