Sunday, April 23rd was a beautiful day fora bridging ceremony. Seventeen Arrow of Light scouts from Packs 363, 387, 407,
509, 757, 847, and 907 successfully met the  challenges of the Order of the Arrow, and were permitted to cross over to their new
homes in Troops 254, 144, 757, 509, 86, and 28. Jason Watts and Pack 320 provided the rope bridge, which was the scouts’ final challenge of the day. Ping Mayo and the Bridging committee provided the scouts with a unique patch to mark the fifth anniversary of this very special event. Once again, Richard Sinclair
provided sound to ensure that the ceremony could be appreciated by the 150 people in attendance. Special thanks to Mike Cooper
and the members of the Woapalanne chapter of the Order of the Arrow, who provided a memorable experience for the scouts.
The journey continues!

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