Troop 333 Wilderness Survival

Since February, Troop 333 have been preparing for this camp out. Taught by Pat
Dickerson, the Scouts learned useful tips including cooking, fire building, water
purification, map and compass and shelter building.
The Scouts were only allowed to bring certain items on the campout, all of which
had to fit in a metal can. They were put to the test by starting off with a map and
compass course designed to mislead them if they lost their bearings.

The 2 teams
of scouts handled simulated injuries like a broken arm, but they stepped up like
champions and won the chance to pick their lunch. Spam or Hotdogs.
After lumch, everyone particiated in a rope bridge challenge which tested their
knots and team building skills. Afterwards, they celebrated by wandering the
shores of lake Grapevine having a good time.
The Scouts then had to go off and make shelters with their can items. They ate their
dinner, which were military MRE’s and spent the night in their make-shift shelters.
Some of the Scouts banded together and made multi-scout dwellings, while others
let their imagination create unique looking tents. After a huge breakfast the next
morning, the Scouts were delivered to their parents dirty, tired, but most of all…
Wilderness Survival
Troop 333’s

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