Scouts and Scouters of the Roadrunner District

Our district Twilight Camp team
needs your help to collect:
• Empty clean 2Liter bottles,
as many as you can
They also need to borrow:
• 5 Gallon water coolers
• Pop up canopies/tents
• Tarps.
Please label each item (not 2Liter bottles)
so they can be returned to you.
Please bring the items to the next
week roundtable meeting, held at
same place and time.
And most of all we need staff!!
If you are 14 and older looking to
volunteer in this great program, please
come to our monthly roundtable
meeting next Thursday. We also need
parents and scouters to help with
many stations at camp as well.
A Scout is Helpful!
Roadrunner District Twilight Camp T

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