Upcoming Roundtables

2018-2019 General Sessions (7:30 pm to 8:00 pm):

  • August:  Open house and Recruiting, Recruiting, Recruiting
  • September: Referee Match Game, for pre-opening
  • October:  Pumpkin Ring Toss/Recharter Training and Swap Shop
  • November: Recharter Assistance
  • December:  Recharter Party before the session (6:30 pm)
  • January:   TBD
  • February:  Scout Mixer
  • March: TBD
  • April:  First Aid Baseball” activity for pre-opening
  • May:  Live YPT at 8:00 pm.
  • June:  Preparations for Day Camp before the session (6:30pm)

2018-2019 Cub Scout Breakout Sessions (8:00 pm to 9:00 pm):

  • AugustRecruiting, Recruiting, Recruiting (combined with Boy Scout Session)
  • September: Planning a Family Campout
  • October:  Community Outreach
  • November:  Religious Emblems/Raingutter Regatta
  • December:  Pinewood Derby/Sportsmanship
  • January:  Blue and Gold Preparation
  • February:  Succession Planning
  • March:  Spring Activity Sampler
  • April:  Summer Program
  • May:  Day Camp Prep
  • June:  Conservation Service Projects

2018-2019 Boy Scout Breakout Sessions (8:00 pm to 9:00 pm):

  • AugustRecruiting, Recruiting, Recruiting (combined with Cub Scout Session)
  • September:  “Direction Facing Activity”; Summer Meetings; Summer Camp Satisfaction Forum; Caving; “Confidence”
  • October:  Scout Oath Three Candle Opening 1; Keep It Moving; Trailer Safety; Citizenship; “Whose Job Is It?”
  • November:  “Tie Me Kangaroo Down”; Switch Up The Location; Sustainability; Skateboarding; “Reach High The First Time”
  • December: Life’s Little Lists; Create a Challenge Trail; Weather Awareness; Music; “Symbols”
  • January:  Words To Set The Mood 2; Maker Meeting: Advancement Fireside Chat; Project Planning; “Achieving a Goal”
  • February: “Sunny Side”; Stage a Rescue; Scouts w/ADD/ADHD; Special Needs Awareness; “Work Hard”
  • March: “Name That Fish”; Hands-On Career Activities; New Scout Patrol and Program; Rifle and Shotgun Shooting; “Keep Your Mouth Shut”
  • April: TBD; Boy Scout Cafe; Dutch Oven Cooking; Cooking; “The Bullfrog”
  • May: “Dead Body Skit”; Scouting Olympics; Summer Camp Preview; Archery; “Bull’s Eye”
  • June: “Camp Song”; Nature Photos; Hornaday Award; Wildlife Management; “Everything I Need to Know”

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