Upcoming Roundtables

2019-2020 General Sessions (7:30 pm to 8:00 pm):

  • August:  Open house and What is Roundtable?
  • September: Referee Match Game and Den Chief
  • October:  Pumpkin Ring Toss/Swap Shop and Logging Hours for JTE
  • November: Recharter Assistance/Name That Badge and Philmont Family Adventure Camp
  • December:  Winter Quiz/Recharter Party before the session (6:30 pm) and Messengers of Peace
  • January:   Puzzling and Adult Leader Recognition
  • February:  Scout Mixer and Everything You Already Do Is STEM!
  • March: Name That Plant! and New Member Coordinator
  • April:  First Aid Baseball and Guide to Advancement
  • May:  Day Camp Prep, Live YPT at 8:00 pm and Safety Afloat
  • July:  Moon Ball and The Adventure Plan (TAP)

2019-2020 Cub Scout Breakout Sessions (8:00 pm to 9:00 pm):

  • August:  Welcome Wagon
  • September: Lost In Space
  • October:  Nature in All Its Glory
  • November: Religions Around the World
  • January:  Happy Birthday BSA!
  • February:  Vaudeville Night
  • March:  Campfires
  • April:  Rocks!  Are You Diggin’ It?
  • May:  Shipwrecked!
  • July:  Weather Weather Whether or Not

2019-2020 Scouts BSA Breakout Sessions (8:00 pm to 9:00 pm):

Note: Scouts BSA breakout sessions begin with either a Ceremony/Skit/Song/Game/Story, followed by Tips for Troop Meetings, Scouts BSA Interest Topic, Program Feature, and Commissioner Minute

  • August:  Pledge of Allegiance Intro: American Creed; Vary Inspection; Pre-Opening Gathering Period and SPL Announcements; Living History; Living Your Dash
  • September:  “Super California Surfer Song”; Time Test; Demonstrate Scout Spirit; Fitness and Nutrition; Afraid and Brave
  • October:  Cremation of Sam McGee; Keep It Moving; Tree Search; Hornaday Awards; Nature & Environment; Two Seas
  • November:  Complaining Monk Skit; Get In If You Can; Scoutmaster Minute; Winter Camping; Noah’s Ark
  • December: Fight For Attention Game; Games Box; Court of Honor; Games; Minnows and Whoppers
  • January:  Bricklayers Accident Report Story; Patrol Consciousness; Recognizing and Appreciating “Behind the Scenes” Leaders; COPE; Failing
  • February: Scout Induction Ceremony; Buskers; Order of the Arrow; Multimedia; Flea Training
  • March: Littlest Worm Song; Camping Weights; Recruiting a Great Committee; Backpacking; Mark Twain Quote
  • April: String Seek Game; Knot of the Week; Troop Meeting Agenda – Games; Wilderness Survival; Scout’s Map & Compass
  • May:  Mr. Columbus Turn The Ship Around Song; Spy; Tips for Out of State Travel; Cycling; Crab Behavior
  • July: Tie in the Desert Skit; Acting Slips; Ceremonies; Scuba Diving; Ragged Old Flag

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