Order of the Arrow


Chapter WEBSITE: Woapalanne.org
Lodge Website https://www.netopalis209.org

Elections  are starting soon. Please let  us know a good date to hold your elections. We do first come first serve. All elections must be completed by March.



Need to have the OA perform a Ceremony for you? Please fill out this form, and either bring it to Roundtable, or email it to:
Mike Cooper
Chapter Advisor
817-918-4633 email oaadvisor.cooper@gmail.com
Ping Mayo
OA Ceremony Team and Webelos II leaders Liaison
817-590-8164 or 817-454-7479.

Ceremony teams are made up of scouts that are very active in their troops and schools. Their schedules get full very quickly. Please help us by turning it in no later than two weeks prior to your Ceremony.


Order of the Arrow Woapalanne
Order of the Arrow

From Woapalanne Chapter Chief – Calvin

Welcome to the Order of the Arrow. Our Lodge is known as Netopalis Sipo Schipinachk, of the Longhorn Council. The name means, “Warriors of the River with Outstretched Arms.” Our Roadrunner District Chapter is known as Woapalanne, the “Bald Eagle.” Our regular monthly meeting is held during District Roundtable. As I write this, Roundtable is the first Thursday of each month, 7:30 p.m. at the LDS Church , 4401 NE Loop 820, North Richland Hills , TX 76180 .

Our chapter elections occur each year in October. We elect four officers, including Chapter Chief, First Vice Chief in charge of Elections, Second Vice Chief in charge of Ceremonies, Third Vice Chief in charge of Projects and Scribe. From January through April we hold elections within the troops of Roadrunner District for new Arrowmen. We “tap out” those elected during the District Spring Camporee each year. After that, those who are tapped out must complete an ordeal with one year. Ordeals take place from May through the summer. There are usually about four Ordeal opportunities during this time frame. There are also opportunities each year for Arrowmen who want to complete their Brotherhood walk.

There are many other OA events during the course of a year, and several opportunities to get involved and perform service. For example, we are looking for Arrowmen who are interested in joining our Chapter ceremony team. The team does a variety of ceremonies each year, such as Arrow of Light, Bridging, and Tap-Outs. There are both speaking and non-speaking parts available. If you have been inducted into the Order of the Arrow, we hope you will volunteer in some capacity. Scouting needs you.

Yours in Brotherhood,
Chapter Chief

Event (Location) Date Registration
Ordeal registrations within 48 hours of the event will incur a late fee.
Induction Weekend @ SR2 Dec LECM Sunday Dec 7-9 2018 More
Hills and Hollows Work day and Brotherhood Opportunity Dec 29 2018 More
LECM 2-4 PM @ Council Office Jan 6th 2019
Report to State
Austin Texas
Feb 2 2019 More
LECM 2-4 PM @ Council Office Feb 10 2019
Vigil Elections Feb 17 2019 LHC office
Spring Fellowship/ Annual Business Meeting @ CT March 1-3 2019 More
LECM 2-4 PM @ Council Office April 7 2019
SR-2 Conclave @ Camp Pirtle April 26-28 2019 More
Induction Weekend @ CT
May 3-5 2019 More
Induction Weekend@ SR2
May 17-19 2019 More
OA Fun Day and Brotherhood @ LAC June 1 2019 More
LECM 2-4 PM @ Council Office July 21 2019
Lodge Banquet and Business meeting August 17 2019 More
Lodge Leadership Development and Sept LECM @ SR2 Sept 27-29 2019 More
Induction Weekend @ WR Oct LECM Sunday October 25-27 2019 More
Fall Fun Day TBD Nov 2 2019 More
Induction Weekend @ SR2 Dec LECM Sunday December 6-8 2019 More