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An Eagle Candidate’s board is not scheduled until they have completed all requirements and their application is signed by council and their BOR package is ready to turn in to Advancement.  To schedule your application review with Council, call Chris Wells at the Council office.  Before you schedule this appointment ensure you have:

  • Completed and signed application
  • Completed and signed Eagle Project Workbook
  • Troop Advancement Record showing all requirements completed and signed by the Unit Leader, Committee Chairman and Advancement Chairman of the Unit
  • Life Ambitions Statement
  • Handbook – requirements signed

Once he approves, he will direct you to contact me and at that time I will send a list of what the candidate needs to submit to me before scheduling a BOR.  To schedule a BOR we prefer to have packages to us by the first week of the month (i.e. turn in at Roundtable) so we have time to get reference letters sent and returned.  Normally packages received later in the month will result in scheduling for the next month’s schedule board date.

Important Information

  • Eagle Candidates must copy another adult (preferably a Unit Leader or Eagle Coach) when communicating to me to comply with YPT.  FAILURE TO DO SO WILL PROBABLY RESULT IN NO RESPONSE ON BY ME OR MY COMMITTEE.
  • Ensure you are using the latest Eagle Workbook at
  • All meetings with the Advancement Committee and for Eagle Projects need to be done wearing a Class A uniform.
  • Eagle Candidates have up to 3 months to do their BOR after their 18th birthday – but all requirements must be completed by their 18th birthday,
  • Crowdfunding is not an approved fundraising project by Council.
  • All Fundraisers require a fundraising application from the Eagle Workbook and signed by the District Advancement Chairman (if you take it to Council it will never get signed as I am the signing authority for Council).

CONGRATULATIONS to the following scouts on passing their Eagle Boards of Review:


New Eagle Unit BOR Date
Walter Obot T6347 04/28/16
Jordan Graham 387 04/28/16
Nolan Redding 86 04/28/16
Lane Polston 509 04/28/16
Mason McCallum 86 5/26/16
Zakwani Clay 324 5/26/16
Hunter Kuhn 86 5/26/16
Daniel Knebel 757 6/23/16
Hyram Graf 348 7/28/16
Benji Christe 387 7/28/16
Logan Engle 86 8/25/16
Adam Minnich T6346 8/25/16
Bryce Wyatt 509 8/25/16
Austin Hubert 757 9/29/16
Luke Dinkel 86 9/29/16

Alim Charania                                                         758            10/27/16
Dale Krum                                                                387             11/17/16
Samuel Grajeda                                                     6346          11/17/16
Ryaan Kara                                                               758             11/17/16
Brayden Proffitt                                                    324             12/22/16
Joshua Rainwater                                                 C14            12/22/16
Cody Pearson                                                         310              1/26/17
Wesley Coker                                                         349              1/26/17
Trevor Oyler                                                            349              2/23/17
Josh Vinson                                                              757              3/23/17
Nick Hayes                                                               349              3/23/17

Board of Review Schedule

Mar 23rd April 28th May 26th


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