Post-Campout Checklist: There are a number of what to pack lists out there, but what about after you get back home? From Scouting Magazine.

Ad currently running in Texas Parks & Wildlife magazine.
Ad currently running in Texas Parks & Wildlife magazine.

Re-Think Taking Your Own Firewood: Non-local firewood may contain tree killing pests. You still need to bring your own firewood in most cases to state and national parks, but how far you transport it is a concern. It’s now requested that you purchase the wood locally, not bring it from home. In Texas, it’s a tree version of the lakes Zebra Mussel containment situation.  The US Forest Service, Texas Parks & Wildlife, and Texas A&M Forest Service have signed off.

Outdoor Preparedness: TICKS – How to avoid and treat tick bites –  Source: Scouting Magazine –The following link will take you to Scouting Magazine’s article on how to properly check for ticks and safely remove them.  Scouting Article

Be Prepared to deal with poison ivy, oak, and sumac — Zanfel Laboratories continues to offer FREE educational resources on poison ivy, oak, and sumac plant identification, decontamination of camping gear, and about prevention and treatment of the allergic skin reaction to these plants. You can view these by clicking on the links.  Educational Brochure  /   “Plants To Avoid” Poster 

These materials can be ordered from Zanfel Customer Service Manager Dan Boelman:  or by calling 1-800-401-4002  —  Be sure to include your name, your complete shipping address, and quantity of brochures and/or posters you are requesting.   Please reply by March 18th.

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