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Start recruiting your new Popcorn Kernels now!

We are updating our Popcorn Kernels contact list for the 2016 popcorn selling season. Popcorn Retreat usually arrives in July, so now is the best time to be asking your Pack Leaders who will step up for popcorn duty. Date and location of the Popcorn retreat will be posted as soon as it is known.

In addition to your Popcorn Kernel’s name, please include:

  • Your Pack number
  • Pack’s Chartered Organization (where your Pack meetings are held)
  • Kernel’s email address
  • Kernel’s phone number (preferably cell phone)
  • Cubmaster’s contact email and phone
  • Committee Chair’s contact email and phone if Cubmaster is the Popcorn Kernel

Contact either District Co-Kernel below:

Bill Parrill: popcornparrill@gmail.com

Steve Erwin: popcorn27hq@gmail.com



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